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Kwinana Knights Honour the Fallen

Thursday, May 4, 2017 - 3:18 PM

Kwinana Knights Junior Football Club have hosted the inaugural Morris Danks ANZAC Match assisted by the Kwinana Returned Serviceman’s League. First round of the season between Kwinana and Roleystone Year 11’s where given the honour of playing for the Morris Danks Medal.

Deputy Premier Roger Cook and Morris Danks were in attendance to present the medal at the end of the match.

Morris is a member of the Kwinana Returned Serviceman’s League and a Vietnam Veteran who was conscripted in 1968.  After 6 months battalion training he was posted to Vietnam attached to the 68 Transport Platoon as a truck driver carrying supplies for the troops. It wasn’t till 18 years after their return from Vietnam back to Australia that the troops were officially welcomed home with a parade through Sydney.

Deputy Premier Roger Cook addressed the teams at the end of the match stating “This is all about the values we bring to the games and our values we bring to our lives this is mateship, working as a team and putting your best forward for the people we represent. We value the efforts you make on the footy field, playing the game in the spirit of the ANZAC which means playing fair and playing to the best of your ability and playing a way that represents your team in the best possible light.”

“I feel honoured to be able to present this medal today on behalf of the RSL and it is good to have an affiliation between the RSL and the football club, and I think it has been great a good day. You all played well, get out their try your hardest do your hardest on it when you walk of the field you can shake your hands with the opposition and say thanks for a good game.”

A hard fought game saw Roleystone take out the honours of winning the inaugural match 56 points to Kwinana 47 points with the winner of the inaugural Morris Danks Medal going to Cailem Narkle from the Roleystone team.



From left

Mr Morris Danks, Caliem Narkle and Deputy Premier Roger Cook